Transatlantic Repositioning Cruises Can Offer Incredible Savings

July 18, 2012

transatlantic cruise deals

Popular transatlantic repositioning cruises are there to make your dreams come true. Most of these popular cruises take place during the summer or cold winter months. The cruises last for 13 to 17 days and are mostly popular during April, May, October and November. If you have never considered taking a repositioning cruise, here are good reasons to give it a try.

Affordable transatlantic cruises

The cost of transatlantic cruises has reduced considerably since many cruise liners have invaded the industry. You can get a transatlantic cruise that charges as low as $65 per person. If this price is inclusive of accommodation, meals and entertainment, then this is an incredible deal.

Have a breathtaking view of the world’s finest cities

If you are looking for the ultimate European adventure then consider the transatlantic repositioning cruises. The popular cruises pass Rome, Barcelona, Florida, Athens and Venice. The architecture in Barcelona is something to look forward to and so is the Venetian canal.
Spend time in islands off the African coast

Popular transatlantic repositioning cruises normally stop at striking islands off the coast of Africa. You will also get a glimpse of Spain’s canary island. The island is filled with dormant volcanoes and the good weather will make you want to stick around. The Madeira Island is also a popular stop for most repositioning cruises. Other ports that are famous for their natural beauty are the Cadiz and Malaga in Spain.

Engage in numerous activities at sea

Travelling with Popular transatlantic repositioning cruises can never be boring. You will enjoy your time since there are so many activities to help you relax and stay busy. Furthermore, the atmosphere is perfect for relaxing away from the distractions of life. If you are surrounded with nothing but a vast blue sea, you will experience a sense of freedom and peace you have never felt before.

Enjoy entertainment while on board the cruise ship

If you love music, then be prepared to get entertained all the way. Most of these cruise ships have bands that play classical music, dances and comedians to keep you laughing all through the journey. You can also enjoy some famous bingo games at the cruise ship. There is also the option to shop, watch a movie and simply enjoy.

Reduced rates on one way flights

The other great thing that was once a major concern when it came to these trips was is the availability of affordable one-way flights. Gone are the days when one way flight prices put many people off. Today, so long as you shop around for a favorable airline, you can get great discounts. Just take time to consider the deals available and make an affordable choice.

Take some classes and learn something

Many guests travelling with the most popular transatlantic repositioning cruises enjoy the enriching programs offered. For instance, you can enjoy a classical music class or even cooking classes while on the cruise. There are so many classes offered and you only need to check beforehand.Look for the best transatlantic repositioning cruises.

Disney Cruise Line Repositioning Cruises

July 18, 2012

Disney Cruise Line Repositioning Cruises

As a child, you grow up with the Disney brand. The films, the toys, the music. Everything about the word “Disney” conjures up magical thoughts, as well as wonderful memories for those who feel they are now too old to get away with purchasing the merchandise for themselves.

Now all of that magic can be combined into a relaxing holiday, with Disney Cruise Line Repositioning Cruises.

Cruise Itineraries

With extensive itineraries spanning the Americas, the Transatlantic and parts of Europe, there has never been a better time to take an enjoyable cruise with fun for all ages. Not only can you discover new countries, but you can also enjoy a vast array of activities both onboard and off, including water sports, tours, excursions and spa treatments, to name a few. (more…)

Shore Excursions vs Sightseeing While Cruising

July 10, 2012

cruise shore excursion vs sightseeing

Cruising is a lot of fun. You get to experience the wonders of nature. Cruising works especially for first timers. Cruise vacations have been increasing in the world of tourism. While some people find a cruise to be too expensive or too exotic, most find it to be fun, safe, cost saving and a wonderful vacation that is worth all the money you spend.

When you plan for a cruise trip, there are two options you can choose from with regard to how you plan to have your trip. Do you want to do things all by yourself or you enjoy having others do it for you? When you are travelling via a cruise ship, you can hire a tour company or avail of the package that one of the cruise line has. That is cruise excursions. This means that all the plans and reservation will be done by the company. The other option is you can do it all on your own which is (more…)

Repositioning Cruises From Seattle

July 10, 2012

repositioning cruises from seattle

Seattle, Washington, is generally a busy port that is used for sailings of cruise ship to Alaska. Round trip sailings are hosted by six key cruise lines from Seattle every year from the month of May up to September. With more than two hundred sailings in 2009 departing from Seattle, some of the major cruise lines are struggling to remain competitive with a number of ships hosting affordable roundtrip cruises sailing from Seattle for lower than $90 a person, a day.

Cruises can offer great value for one’s vacation dollar having all-inclusive unlimited entertainment, dining, transportation and accommodations. There are various ways of finding cruise bargains including weekend getaways, repositioning cruises, past-guest rewards as well as last-minute sailings. Whether one prefers to take their time and plan in advance (more…)

What Exactly Are Repositioning Cruises?

February 17, 2012
repositioning cruises p and o cruises

Credit: P&O Cruises

Seasons such as fall and spring mean more than just a transition to cruisers. These are peak seasons for repositioning cruises. Although many ships spend all the days of the year sailing the same route, there are a number of cruises that change their root and itinerary more often. Such cruises lines do not stick to the same regions or the same (more…)